Orbia: Advance Life Around the World
Orbia: Advance Life Around the World

Today Mexichem – of which Wavin is part – announced its change of name and will continue operations under the name Orbia. Wavin’s ambition as a global player is to work sustainably to make a difference. This ambition aligns with the transformation of the parent company Mexichem into a purpose-driven organisation. 

Orbia has a profound history as a producer of important commodities and, with investments and strategic growth, has grown into one of the world leaders in polymers, materials and infrastructure. Today Orbia is active in more than 40 countries and employs more than 22,000 individuals worldwide. This position entails a high level of responsibility.

The change of name reflects a year-long process during which the business has worked towards becoming an organisation which employs its global impact to improve the quality of life for people and communities. Orbia’s purpose is ‘To Advance Life Around the World’.

Orbia’s long-term strategy enables the organisation to respond quickly to global opportunities such as safeguarding food security, reducing water scarcity, redefining the future of urban environments, linking communities across the globe with a worldwide data infrastructure and advancing health and welfare using innovation and consumer centricity.

The focus on sustainable growth is also emphasized in ‘ImpactMark™’ a benchmark, part of Orbia’s logo, that highlights Orbia’s progress with respect to the long-term financial health, environmental sustainability and social progress. Each year, Orbia will report the progress of the objectives based on the measured results.

Wavin’s efforts in the area of sustainability will continue at full capacity with the support of Orbia. Orbia invests in a long-term vision focused on balanced growth, with attention to having an impact on people, planet and profit.

Mexichem’s name change supports the ambition of Wavin to create a sustainable difference as a global player. All  Building & Infrastructure activities within Orbia will now operate under the central brand name Wavin, which enables Wavin to collaborate on a worldwide scale as one team.

For more information about Orbia, please visit www.orbia.com.

You can find more information about Wavin at www.wavin.com.

Please find the full press release (in English) in the attachment.